Jacqui J. Sze – Graphic Design

Jacqui Sze - Graphic Design


As a multi-skilled creative, Jacqui fuses her talents as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator + Photographer and Film-Maker; enabling her to offer clients diversified resources with her unique & striking work all in one place.

Growing up from a cosmopolitan background, Jacqui strives to find common ground between multicultural differences by conveying messages of love and moral values in life in her personal work. A passionate printmaker, she plays with various mediums to create intriguing imagery, often a melange of illustration, calligraphy and photography.

She is currently a Lead Graphic Designer at a PR firm in Central London, and continues to prioritise making time for freelance projects she feels creatively passionate about. On the side, she is the co-founder and Creative Director of Journal Collective, a high-end beautiful lifestyle stock catalogue.