Ilya Blinov – Fashion photography


I am 33, originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

I was a hairstylist, then a makeup artist and a wardrobe stylist.

 In 2006 I went to Italy to study Fashion Styling in the Instituto Marangoni Milano.

For the further 4 years I was studying, doing photo shoots as a fashion stylist and working at showrooms during the fashion week. What a great period of my life! So many experience and emotions!

  Then I came back to Russia. I got an invitation to become a tutor in British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow on a Fashion Styling course. Was living in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, sometimes in both cities during a week.

I was teaching young stylists to do photo shoots, and had a curious and valuable experience of watching so many bright and talented people creating. So many ideas, so many passion. That was very inspiring. 5 years.

I have organised a photo studio in Moscow where I could experiment with style, set design and lightning. That was the place where I have found a team to work with and to grow with.

One day I decided to take pictures by myself. I was doing still life photos of garments first. Then I entered Photoplay school Fashion Media Photographer course I started to shoot beauty with makeup artists, fashion stories with stylists, portraits and model tests. I had an opportunity to shoot every day and I used it as much as I could. Every time I was trying different technique searching for methods of lightning, angles and communication with a model and team. Lots of photos. I was shooting with my styling course students. There are the photos I love a lot. One of that photos was among the Best of Russia 2016 winners in style category.

Now I move to Milan, Italy. I want to change the ambient of my creativity and want to work with talented and inspiring brands and professionals.