Hyerim Kim – Jewellery Design


I have recently graduated MA Jewellery design in Central Saint Martin, in which the project is plants that successfully invade in urban area.

I was born in and raised in Seoul, South Korea and I graduated BA Metal design and MA Metal craft in Seoul National University of Technology. At that time, I was fascinated in dealing with hard materials into Jewelleries.

After couple of years, I decided to study more in terms of Jewellery design. Thus, I moved in London 2011 to discover more possibilities in Jewellery fields, in which I was interested in urban plants living with people for long time. Because, Seoul, which I have lived in, is one of the busiest cities in the world, at that time I didn’t realize amazing natural world. After moving to the UK, I started to interest in natural world and I was obsessed with strong survival of nature in the city.

The aim of the project is to question our perceptions of weeds to transform our visions of nature in the urban landscape.


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