Hikari Shiba – Illustration



I’m a baby seal illustrator. After obtaining BA in English Literature in Japan, I came to London and received a degree in illustration in 2014.

When I was small, I fell in love with a baby seal soft toy at an aquarium in Tokyo. Since then, I’ve been drawing “Kyu”, a little baby seal character more than 19 years. Ocean and fish are also my great passion. I can just sit on the beach or watch fish swimming in a tank for hours..maybe I was a seal in my previous life. Currently I’m enjoying doing window drawing regularly at fishmonger’s in North London.

My plan is to establish Kyu bland in Japan and UK then expand it into all over the world. I’m making a series of children’s book, comic and animation in which Kyu and other characters appear. Also, collaboration with ocean environmental organisations and child care organisations are what I want to achieve in the near future.

I hope, Kyu will offer many children and parents opportunity to share fun and precious time together, like I did with my parents when I was little.

My fundamental goal is world peace. I believe, peace starts from family and home. To treasure and love person in front of you is the starting point for world peace.

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