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hanna-katrina jedrosz


I am a documentary photographer and theatre maker from London. I trained in European Theatre at Rose Bruford drama school for my BA, then in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication where I completed an MA.

Along side various commissions I receive, my personal projects tend to be long term, with a few different ideas overlapping. In 2014 I had an exhibition called ‘I Feel Every Stone of the Road’ which showed an installation piece inspired by the diary my Polish grandmother wrote after the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 when she was held as a prisoner of war by the Nazis. She was twenty at the time and wrote the diary whilst taken from camp to camp across Poland and Germany, before being liberated in the Spring of 1945. My installation presented photographs taken on the sites of the prisoner of war camps projected into the middle of a black box space, and accompanied by an audio track of me speaking the words of her diary (in English) combined with writing I had done when I retraced her route. The text provided an emotional context for the photographs, which on their own may have seemed random. I collaborated with a music producer who helped to shape the audio track with a sound scape. I was really lucky to have support from the Polish Ex­Combatants Association of Great Britain and IdeasTap for the exhibition, and it was programmed at POSK Gallery in London which is a Polish cultural hub, so there was a natural audience for the work.

I’m currently developing two new long term photographic projects ­ the first is intended to positively change perceptions of people with severe disabilities, whilst also being accessible to disabled people. So it’s intentions are two fold. This project is emerging in chapters, with the first part based on looking at the negative impact of the UK government cuts on severely disabled people. It seems that the project is starting in a literal documentary way, and will gradually become more of a visceral, potentially abstract, experience in how it is finally presented. The second long term collection of ideas I keep returning to is those surrounding the shifting notions of Girl Culture. This is taking shape as a combination of candid documentary photography and portrait series.

Website: w​ww.hannakatrina.co.uk Twitter: @hanna_katrina Instagram: @hanna_katrina