Gabrielle Tam – Printmaking


Hello, I am Gabrielle Tam from ONION PETERMAN. I lived in my hometown Hong Kong. I graduated from the Academy of Art in Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012. I love Japanese manga when I was young, that is the reason I start to draw. I drew silly manga in primary school note books, then passed it to my classmates to read. Those stories and drawing are really bad, but those notebooks are like real comic books to me.

In my second year in university, I joined a exchange program to University of West of England in Bristol, UK, for one semester. I took the illustration course during the exchange program, and realized how much I love illustration. I also made my first screen prints in Bristol.

After I came back to Hong Kong, I decided to start a illustration and screen printing studio. I took a printmaking class in my last semester in university, and tried to learn screen printing as much as I can. Two months after I graduated in 2012, I got a flood light as an exposure unit and some basic printing supplies, and started my studio ONION PETERMAN. I learned most of my screen printing skills from youtube videos and all the failures I experienced.

In the first year of ONION PETERMAN, I printed tote bags, stickers, postcards, things that I could sell in a handicraft market. Now I focused on making zines and trying to make better art prints with my still inadequate screen printing facilities.