Evdokia Savva – Ceramics Design



My name is Evdokia Savva, a young ceramist/designer from Cyprus, and this summer I graduated with Distinction from Central Saint Martins, where I studied MA Design Ceramics .

I first came to the UK in 2007, where I did my BTEC diploma in Foundation at the University College for the Creative Arts in Farnham. That was the very first time that I touched clay, and that is when I realised that I wanted to follow ceramics. After I finished my foundation, I went to Middlesex University to study Design, Interior and Applied Arts, where I continued my journey with ceramics. Whatever project we had to do, I was always translating it through ceramics. Once I graduated from Middlesex University in 2011, I took a year out, because I felt that I wanted to learn more things about ceramics, how to run a studio in real life, and explore more things before applying for an MA. I was lucky enough to do a six month internship with Kate Malone, and a couple of months with Andrew Logan.

After my internship finished with Kate Malone, I had the pleasure to start working for Kerry Hastings as a studio assistant a couple of months before I applied for the MA at Central Saint Martins, and after I started my MA in Design Ceramics in 2012 I kept working for Kerry for almost two years.

Following a two year full-time course, I finally graduated from Central Saint Martins in June 2014, where since then I had the opportunity to exhibit my work as well have my own studio, which was a dream that came true where I keep making my dishes and new upcoming work.