Emily Groves – Information Experience Design


I am interdisciplinary designer and researcher of things that communicate things. I make installations, software, illustrations, zines, cakes, signs, videos – anything that will convey the story I want to tell.

I’ve just graduated from Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London, which gave me great opportunities to experiment in lots of different areas. I needed that freedom because when I started it, I had had no creative training since my art GCSE. Before the RCA I worked at a social media agency and before that, I studied Biological Anthropology where I learned loads of cool stuff about human culture and evolution. However, I wanted a chance to combine my scientific and creative skills and my MA gave me that.

I’m really interested in language in the broadest sense – from puns and slangs to symbols and gestures. I also find Internet and digital culture fascinating, funny and exciting with ideas and aesthetics whizzing around the world in seconds.

Recently I became a bit obsessed with emojis, I even wrote a 10,000 word essay about them. I’m interested by the way they are an international form of communication – almost anyone can read them – but they also are pretty ambiguous. Any given emoji can have multiple meanings depending on who is using it and the context it’s used in. These are the kind of ideas I like to explore and communicate in my work.