Elizabeth Crawford – Jewellery Design

Graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Jewellery & Metalwork, Elizabeth Jayne Crawford, 22, specialises in creating contemporary silver jewellery inspired by the complex and varied forms of nature.

Now based in Cumbria where she grew up, Elizabeth has just set up her own small workshop where she is developing her style through several, varying and experimental collections.

Nature is a huge part of the artistic inspiration that influences each piece, whether that influence is visualised through the direct use of natural objects or with experimental creative processes that allows the creation of objects that appear to have been formed by nature. Elizabeth believes that “jewellery doesn’t have to be made with fine metals and gemstones like gold and diamonds to be perceived as precious but instead, the intrinsic beauty of nature is itself precious”. Each of her pieces is handmade and unique, using a combination of silver, enamel, semi-precious and precious stones.