Claudia Chan – Bespoke Tailoring

Claudia Chan - Bespoke Tailoring

A Bespoke Tailor based in London.  Originally from Hong Kong, I have been living in Italy, London and Sweden over the past 4 years, learning how to draw and stitch.  In my final year collection, I took inspiration from the Skagen painters and the way they depicted the unique landscape and its colour in Northern Denmark. Part of the research also includes art works from other Nordic artists.

The collection is created with the utmost attention to the sustainable prospect of design and making, with references to the bohemian group of artists in the late 1980s.  By improvising the aesthetic of traditional craft and the forward-thinking concept that concerns the future of our planet, the ultimate aim is to create a full collection of a minimum of five summer outfits, most of which with natural dyed lining.

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