Caterina Kiki Ljung – Illustration

garde portrait 2

After four wonderful years in the creative-melting pot that is the capital of London, where I completed a Bachelor in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, I have now started a new chapter as an independent illustration freelancer in Paris.

Coming from a mixed cultural background, with a double Italo-Swedish nationality while growing up in Brussels, it is in my nature to want to explore new environments. Freelance is for me the best way to do what I love, while having the freedom to move around.

My illustration style is described as being childlike, due to my simplified imagery and my visual playfulness through use of vibrant colours and compositions. I aspire to make work that is accessible and enjoyable to everyone. I have developed a strong individual style and made up my own fictional characters and visual worlds.

While mostly doing graphic screen based work – I also venture into 2D woodwork, paper collaging, screenprinting, monoprinting and sewing.

One source of inspiration comes from my collections of illustrated bird-watching and vintage Disney books, that I purchase obsessively. Another fun fact about me is my disproportionate love for dogs.

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