Benjamin Riise – Linguistic

Benjamin Riise - Linguistics

Staying in the same spot for long is not Benjamin’s nature – you can’t pin him down. It’s impossible to know what his next fascination will be. Slacklining? Kendama? Poetry slam? Hosting couch-surfers? Long-distance hitch-hiking? Winter bathing? Trip to Africa? Kinball(look it up)? There is a drive in Benjamin that cannot be extinguished, and he welcomes the world to join him. The question is if the world is ready. Maybe for one adventure at a time?

Perhaps it’s no wonder then, that he studies linguistics – a field that accepts that rules are made to be broken, a field which offers its own share of oddities and obscurities. To call Benjamin a linguist would be unfair though – such a tiny box can never contain him. It allows him to channel his energy into the intellectual field as well as the physical, and in as many ways.