Arko Datto – Photography

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Currently focusing on the Indian sub-continent and South-East Asia, Arko Datto is a photographer that concerns different kinds of topics.

From his works, he challenges stereotypical perspectives to view things. The new angles provide new sets of thoughts of various social issues.

By his refreshed creativity, Arko has been nominated for awards of American Photos and Excellence for Of Colour, Sleep and Dreams at the POYI Awards etc. He had also been to Danish School of Journalism to study Photojournalism (sponsored by the Danish Government Sponsorship).

Despite Arko had studied masters courses about Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and Engineering in Paris, he has his passion in photography and journalism to bring out more hidden issues under the mass media.

Personally, Arko is a fun and easy-going guy. At least Cleo and his fellow friends think so.



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