Alex Morariu – Interior Design

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I was brought up in my hometown of Timisoara in a family of Interior Designers and art lovers. There I developed a fascination for the culturally enriched location settled at the crossroads of history. The lush parks, the tiny sculptures on the walls over the time forgotten structures, huddled within the hushed streets on an ever blooming city have played a major role in consolidating my artistic personality.

All my life I’ve travelled all over Europe where I have meticulously studied the various classical and modern designs of each individual countries’ architectural and interior patterns. I hoped to discover elements that may at some point be used to create a new, more diverse and more sustainable design movement with a lesser culturally cumbersome effect displayed by mainstream modernism.

In 2011 I was admitted into DJCAD (Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design) Interior Environmental Design in Scotland. Throughout my four years I was able to open my mind to a world of unlimited design possibilities, travel to Slovenia and Belgium with the GIDE programme (// and got to try a lot of artistic mediums in a very friendly and amazing cross-discipline environment.

My main passion throughout my four years became 3D modelling and more precisely 3ds Max after realising its potential to produce professional, detailed renders in a short amount of time. It was my decision to further pursue this medium in order to express my ideas and designs as close to my visual imagination as possible.

In 2014 I won the Victorian Emporium “Period Living for the 21 Century” with 1st prize with my hotel design “The Silent Herald”. Later that year I had the pleasure of working for “Soluis Glasgow”, one of the best digital visualisation companies in the UK.

I graduated in 2015 as part of the annual DJCAD degree show in Dundee and now reside in Edinburgh where I plan to further develop my full potential.



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