The core of existence | 存在之核

Jacky Tao - Being as it is

Inspired by phenomenology when he was in Taiwan, Jacky wants to explore “existence” in the format of art with the medium of gong-bi to emphasise the fundamentals of human beings.

Jacky Tao – Being as it is

His project “Being as it is” is visually simple and straight-forward – seven human figures are sleeping in different positi1ons, while one of them is laid down on a light bed.

“The reason why sleep is being taken to define existence is because behavioral activities will be interpreted culturally and visually. I think sleep is the most still status of humans other than death as I want to minimize the imagination and interpretation of my audience towards behaviors,” explained Jacky.

“Being” can be defined spiritually and physically. For the presentation of the project, Jacky used materials and behaviors to present thoughts.

“Gong-bi was a suitable medium to present my idea as it does not emphasise brightness and only enforces lines. It simplifies everything and inspires me. I wanted the project to be very light, pure and one that truthfully reflects ‘being’ as it is.”

Jacky Tao – Being as it is

Throughout the project, Jacky encountered various issues which enhanced him thoroughly as an artist. He learnt that presentation format does not only limit what is painted on paper but also in installations and framing.

“This is the first large-scale project I have ever done. I am really lucky to have met Mr Lau, who is a master of framing. I persisted on participating in all the processes. One week before the project, I requested to increase the drawing area. Mr Lau worked with me to update the frames yet also tried to kick me out of the studio as that day was my birthday. He worked until 3am that day and I was really thankful that the result has lived up to his expectation.”

The project itself has been a learning progress for Jacky as he has figured out the direction of his future.

“I only knew that I liked drawing in the first two years as an art student, but I didn’t know what to draw and just treated drawing as my responsibility. I finally found my direction and the meaning of art before graduation. I hope to make work that I like and even become a full-time artist if possible.”


Jacky Tao – Being as it is

在台灣交流時收到現象學的啟發,杜海銓想透過藝術的形式及工筆這個媒體探索「存在」 – 人類生存的基本。

杜氏的作品《如是存在》在視覺上非常直觀 – 七個人以不同的姿勢睡覺,而其中一個則是「躺」在會發光的「床」上。




Jacky Tao – Being as it is

在制作的過程當中,杜氏遇到不少創作上的難題。這些難題都使他以藝術家的身份不斷成長 – 他發現一件作品的表達方式不單單是畫布上的內容,更是作品的表達,例如裝置和裱框等。

「 我從未畫過如此大規模的作品。很多困難都是創作期間才遇到。其中最難的是裝裱。半年前認識了裱畫老師劉先生,我提出了很多天馬行空的想法,又要求親自參與裝裱工作。畢業作品用畫布的方式把絹本托上色紙,再拉在木框上,開幕前一星期,我要求加大畫心面積,劉老師馬上與我連夜改裝包裹畫面的木框。記得那天是我生日,他很早就把我趕走,最後獨自工作到凌晨3時。幸好最後作品的展示效果沒有辜負他的心機。」



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