Hilary Lung



Hello world! This is Hilary Lung from Hong Kong speaking! Nice to meet you all in the platform of Garde Magazine!

Generally speaking, I am a friendly, cheerful and helpful girl who wears a big smile all the time. Oh yes! I love dogs (especially large size dogs), fat cats and hamsters! I am now in my golden ten years of life who loves photography and design! Grabbing the tail of college time, I am very eager to investigate the world, people around her and of course what kind of person I actually am.

Getting to know more about photography, I enjoy the way to make a good picture in the purpose of capturing precious moments and bringing happiness to others. So I am particularly in love with photo taking on people and animals. For design, Hilary doesn’t have an outstanding art sense and she starts using Photoshop only since last year. Yet, this girl pays more attention in studying and discovering what beauty is in little details. So now she is half way to go towards a successful designer!

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