David Madsen

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Before you do anything else, go watch Caligula, it’s great.

Have you watched it? Well great, in that case hey, my name is David and I’m from the small, Scandinavian country Denmark. As a person all you really need to know about me is that I’m very vocal about things I get passionate about. This includes movies, a medium I’ve adored since I was around 16 or 17, after I watched A Clockwork Orange for the first time. Other than that one, I have a pretty wide taste in movies from David Lynch’s eclectic Mulholland Dr. to Paul Verhoevens satirical masterpiece Starship Troopers.

Other than a short course in film culture I don’t have any academic background in film studies. Instead I rely on what I’ve learned through the internet, books and movies themselves. In other words I don’t have some stuck up idea about what makes ‘a great movie’. I’ve seen Citizen Kane. It’s fucking brilliant. I’ve also seen Salo and that was hot garbage. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. Hopefully I’ll teach you a thing or two about movies, or maybe you’ll yell at me for being completely wrong about everything in my articles.

In any event I can’t wait to share my views on the vast world of cinema with you all. Oh, and did you remember to watch Caligula? If you did, you’re welcome! Now go watch Caligula II: Messalina, Messalina, it’s a glorious mess!


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