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Explore one’s true self | 發掘真我

As a member of a minority in Hong Kong, Magus and his peers experience pressure from social expectations. Bound by traditional culture and beliefs, the society Magus lives in has […]

The core of existence | 存在之核

Inspired by phenomenology when he was in Taiwan, Jacky wants to explore “existence” in the format of art with the medium of gong-bi to emphasise the fundamentals of human beings. […]

Symbols of inspiration | 靈感的符號

From her project “Trilogy,” Tammi reflected her own interpretation of the Greek myth of Oepidus. To understand this project in a structural way, the project can be separated into two […]

The remaining meaning of art | 藝術之萃

Studying the meaning of art and its extensive products, Jacky Cheung has taken reference from academics and artists to accurately and creatively portray his thoughts.  One may say creativity is […]

Dreaming up a magical world | 以創意夠勾勒魔幻

In the eyes of the characters she delicately draws, one can fish out purity and innocence. The creator and “mother” of all these characters is none other than a talented […]

Creatively living life to the fullest | 以生命活出創意

“Nothing in life is ever settled. We live very long lives nowadays – there is no reason to limit yourself to only one path.” Simona Ceccarelli could be a perfect […]

Graduation Shows – Academy of Visual Art, HKBU

(Works displayed by artists’ name in alphabetical order) ————————- Chan Ming Sum 陳明心 Who/what inspired you the most for your project? I think everything started from the day when tear […]

Beauty out of struggle – Bobby Chan

What are your works about?   Whenever I see beautiful things, I love to record them with my brushes. I realised the most beautiful things are humans so I draw […]

To build rather than to break – William Tong

When did you start to get in touch with art? I liked painting ever since I was young, but I didn’t study anything art-related at school. I didn’t even choose […]

Graduate Showcase from Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU (II)

This issue presents Kate Wong On-kei, a talented artist whose passion is to explore stories and metaphors by visualising words typographically. She says letters and characters are her tools to […]