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Graduation Shows – Academy of Visual Art, HKBU

(Works displayed by artists’ name in alphabetical order) ————————- Chan Ming Sum 陳明心 Who/what inspired you the most for your project? I think everything started from the day when tear […]

Beauty out of struggle – Bobby Chan

What are your works about?   Whenever I see beautiful things, I love to record them with my brushes. I realised the most beautiful things are humans so I draw […]

To build rather than to break – William Tong

When did you start to get in touch with art? I liked painting ever since I was young, but I didn’t study anything art-related at school. I didn’t even choose […]

Graduate Showcase from Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU (II)

This issue presents Kate Wong On-kei, a talented artist whose passion is to explore stories and metaphors by visualising words typographically. She says letters and characters are her tools to […]

The instinctive track of pursuit – Can Çetinkaya

Painting has always been in Can Çetinkaya’s blood. Unfortunately, his path was not as straightforward as he wished it to be. Born in Ankara in 1988, Can started his creative […]

Graduate Showcase from Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU (I)

Two of this year’s outstanding art graduates from Hong Kong Baptist University talk to Garde Magazine about receiving the Academy of Visual Arts Award for their projects. GM: Garde Magazine […]

A temporary expression of thoughts – Hiram Wong

How did you start your art life? I have been into art for a long while, but I understood my family’s concern of career prospective so I chose to study […]

Voicing out the unfairness – Ka Ying Wong

How did your life of art begin? I studied in the science stream during junior high but realised I liked art subjects more. I left that school and went to […]

Art goes first – Ankie Fok

Ankie Fok is an artist. She is a visual artist who designs and creates modern wood sculptures. Her work has been exhibited multiple times in her home city, Hong Kong, […]

To paint memories and emotions – Wong Wing Fung

What is your creation about? My creation focuses on relationships. Some of them are community-based. The relationship between my work and the space, audience or between me and the audience, […]