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Cultivation of art and culture – Joey Leung

Joey Leung Cho-yi is a young man who creates art with ceramics as his medium. Fish is his totem that always appears in his works. Everything started from a little […]

The colour enthusiast – George Chaffey

It is easy to find adjectives to describe George Chaffey – energetic, bright, passionate and vibrant. When you see him, you can imagine what he designs. His personality reflects what […]

Borderless with creativity – Key Chow

Key Chow has an interesting background as a designer: starting with studying business then hating the world of money, he switched to the world of design and creativity – inspired […]

When fairytales meet prints

In an earlier issue of Garde Magazine, we featured an independent fashion print designer, Tania Cheung, with her brand: Dress In Print. Now collaborating with the multi-disciplinary creative, Sophie Traverse, […]

Uncommon fashion for uncommon people – Marine Bigo

French creator, Marine Bigo, mixes art and fashion into a clothing concept that is colourful, comfortable and inspired by everything that makes up different cultures. Growing up with a father […]

Dress In Print – When fashion meets art

Dress in Print has been paving its way through Hong Kong after returning from the United Kingdom. The designer behind the brand, Tania Cheung, shares the same vision as Garde […]

What is it… Textiles

Creator Carlo Volpi from issue 3 of Garde Magazine comes back and explains further on his expertise… What does Textiles mean to you? I spent three years of my life […]

The nature of jewellery – Hyerim Kim

“Silver is the best medium to show [the] intention of my design as the material has its pure white colour. Indeed, all of my products are produced by my hands. […]

Jewellery rethought – Évelie Mouila

Évelie Mouila’s designs reflect simplicity, practicality and sensuality. Most of all, her unusual but fascinating pieces reflect a desire to explore and re-think. The 25-year-old jewellery designer practices her craft […]

Inspiration from the past and present – Flora Bhattachary

“Jewellery has a uniquely personal and emotional connection [with the heart] and it is important to me that my work reflects this.” Flora Bhattachary hails from quite the art-oriented family […]