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With passion and practicality | 夢想與現實之間

(Chinese follows at the bottom) As a big fan of Jazz, it seems very reasonable for David to design for Cully Jazz Festival. Held in Switzerland, the music festival has […]

Designing to improve and interact – Yoshiaki Yoneyama

Yoshiaki Yoneyama’s work perfectly showcases the two sides of good product design. On one hand, we can see the product’s poetic and fanciful nature and on the other, the straight-forward […]

Moments in life – Erin Nicholls

Erin Nicholls is a passionate painter and illustrator. Although her works already convey a high level of accomplishment, she says she has a long way to go with her art […]

Never say never – Jose Manuel Rios

Meet Jose Manuel Rios, also known as El Pollo. Hailing from Chiapas, Mexico, this up-beat and try-anything character loves four things: illustration, music, football and Japanese cuisine. His free-spirit to […]

Influencing through art – Ryuji Oguni

As a lot of people know, Japanese pop culture is huge and intricate with layer upon layers of specialised genres and subcultures. The creator in this article, Ryuji Oguni, is […]

A need for balance – Roland the Illustrator

Many creative people have at one point found themselves in the all-too-common situation of struggling to fit their art and passion into the demanding everyday world. Bills have to be […]

An influence of an influence of an influence – Derek Caetano-Anolles

Derek Caetano-Anolles, evolutionary biologist and illustrator. Derek Caetano-Anolles, scientist-artist. Derek Caetano-Anolles, drawer-at-heart. Finding a label for this Max Planck Institute-researcher can be tricky. But as we shall see, there doesn’t […]

Conveying culture through colour – Justine Wong

Always passionate about the arts, Justine Wong never planned to fall in love with illustrating. Initially, she studied Graphic Design at university but then switched to illustration. However, this act […]

Art gives me a pair of wings – Vaan Ip

Having picked up painting at a young age, Vaan Ip always had a passion for creativity. His path started with comics, sketching and slowly developed into oil painting. His original […]

Sculpting the way to one’s dream – Martha Lamont

As a child, Martha Lamont had always felt creativity budding inside her. As she grew up, a passion for the arts had blossomed and engrossed her into its world. Flipping […]