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Clay creatures – Rosie Connolly

“What I find intriguing is the transformation of something that is perhaps seen as grim or ‘grotesque’ into something beautiful, distinct and new. The contrast between the delicate treatment of […]

A one-woman production – Frances Segismundo

“The beauty of art is the possibility of being multi-disciplinary. And me being the type of person who wants to do everything, I still have that goal in mind—I want […]

The nature of jewellery – Hyerim Kim

“Silver is the best medium to show [the] intention of my design as the material has its pure white colour. Indeed, all of my products are produced by my hands. […]

Inspiration from the past and present – Flora Bhattachary

“Jewellery has a uniquely personal and emotional connection [with the heart] and it is important to me that my work reflects this.” Flora Bhattachary hails from quite the art-oriented family […]

A balance between art and science – Timothée Mion

“Since the beginning, my family has been behind me, pushing me to do what I wanted to do, but it was [difficult] to make the choice to go into art […]

Through the looking glass – Monette Larsen

Having spent a huge amount of years understanding glass as a material and experimenting with its qualities, Monette is practically a glass aficionado. What more, she has decided to share […]

Knitwear salvation – Carlo Volpi

“I’d say life in general is inspiring. My eyes are the only tools I use to record and subconsciously process the information I like. My work is simply a consequence […]

“I want to run around, be in the midst of things…” – Arko Datto

All I can say about Arko Datto is: He is many things. For the most part, Arko is a spectacular award-winning photographer whose work has been published in Newsweek, Le […]

Making our lives easier with art – Winnie Yoe

The User Experience Design has become such a big part of our lives and most of us don’t even know it yet. Its full capabilities probably surpass anything we humans […]

Freedom. Happiness. Fairness. Morality. Integrity. – Benji Engee

Coming up with the right word to describe the works of Benji Engee is extremely challenging. His sculptures and paintings are intrinsically refined, but can give off all kinds of […]