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Striking scenes send the message | 視覺衝擊的信息傳達

A tiger stalks through a dark forest, rippling fog shrouding its paws. Its head is lowered, its gaze is fixed. The lines are sharp and determined, and the palette is […]

Inspired by music and culture | 音樂和文化的靈感爆發

(Chinese follows at the bottom) Michael Sallit is a Frenchman from Dijon (famous for its mustard, he points out) who is currently making a living in Paris. Drawing inspiration from […]

An influence of an influence of an influence – Derek Caetano-Anolles

Derek Caetano-Anolles, evolutionary biologist and illustrator. Derek Caetano-Anolles, scientist-artist. Derek Caetano-Anolles, drawer-at-heart. Finding a label for this Max Planck Institute-researcher can be tricky. But as we shall see, there doesn’t […]

Why commercialise artistic talent? – James Clow

Have you realised that the Guggenheim museum of art has become a…chain store? If you are a little bit interested in art, you have probably known about the New York […]

The stories behind photos – Hanna-Katrina Jędrosz

Bleak yet colourful. Near but detached. Simultenously stark and vague. Hanna-Katrina Jędrosz’s photography is full of odd contradictions, which might be why they tease your curiousity so. Satisfyingly, the stories […]

Exploring digital worlds – Alex Burgess

How do we represent reality? This is the main question in Alex Burgess’ latest work “Shift Command Three,” a creation that in some ways is a work of photography, but […]

Beyond the ‘general store’ – Yuki Teraoka

From the top of a glass highrise, roots and branches of a humongous mangrove tree cascade towards the ground, eager to spread outwards into the city. Military helicopters circle warily […]

A world underwater – Stephanie Johnstone

Since the ancient times, the sea has always fascinated people. As very few dared to embark on journeys across the oceans, many myths flourished. We’ve heard that the sea was […]

A new way to cook – Marjorie Artieres

It’s 2024. 3D printers have found their way into the kitchen and everyday meals. They are uniformly shaped and coloured and effortlessly created. Though we now enjoy new types of […]

The art of being flexible – Michael Chiu

Michael’s photography, whether it’s shot in colour or black and white, is characterised by stark contrasts, bleakness and a strong sense of alienation or solitude. This is both ironic and […]