Garde Magazine aims to showcase and spread the unique works of art by talented creators to help them gain the recognition they deserve.

We believe that ideas, thoughts, concepts and even the philosophy of life are the foundations of different kinds of creations. Those who create serve as inspiration to us all and constantly teach us something new.

Our first interpretation of the term “Garde” derives from “avant-garde,” which describes innovation and experimental ideas. Our second interpretation comes from the literal word “guard,” as we hope to serve as a protector of all things artistic and open the gates of creativity to the world.

Behind the scene

Have we still got your attention?

If so, we hope you’ll spend a minute or two familiarising yourselves with two very spectacular (yet humble), outrageous (yet modest) and ridiculous (but rather cool) people who are behind the scenes of Garde Magazine.

The story of the Control Freak and Procrastinator

One miserable morning during a dreadfully boring class, a control freak and a procrastinator became acquaintances. A year down the road, their friendship grew stronger as they realised they bonded extremely well over food, drinks and mutual agreement about how terrible their lives were. Three years later, they became best friends.  The biggest test to their friendship was a trip to North Korea, but they endured it despite all the yelling and shouting. It probably brought them closer together.

Their friendship has remained through various hilarious reasons

We share wonderful experiences when we’re sober. We share even better experiences when we’re smashed. We love to listen to the silliest advice from the other, no matter how terrible the idea is. We love to judge and bitch and swear. We love to laugh and we especially love to laugh at each other. We don’t love to fight but we do love to insult each other. We drink together. We vomit together. We’re mean together. We understand each other. We misunderstand each other…alot. We are interested in the same things. We are uninterested in the same things. We love to crack a joke about everything and anything. We love to crack a joke about one another most of all. We love to hate. We’re like a bottle of coke and a pack of mentos: if we’re moody you had better get out the way. We love to love. We love to be loners. After all, loner + loner = 2 happy loners.

We are remarkable when we work together

This control freak that we speak of has high efficiency, but low accuracy. This procrastinator has high accuracy yet low efficiency. So by combining our strengths and weaknesses and putting our brilliant minds together, we started to plot away. After noticing an embarrassingly large gap in the art scene, we decided to launch a magazine to promote the art community to the best of our ability.

Both lovers of the arts and both having a degree in journalism, we created Garde Magazine to show off the talents of the talented, in hopes to help them steal the show with their amazing work.

So let us humbly flaunt your work to the world. Help us help you be heard.


Cleo (the Control Freak) & Natasha (the Procrastinator)